Caring For Senior Cats – Understanding And Helping Them To Cope


I have been truly blessed to have both my cats live to seventeen years of age. Sadly in the last 3 months both of them have died, our boy Felix, pictured above, we euthanized due to illness, and our girl, Amber, was tragically run over.  Caring for senior cats can require a change in thinking and routine, but it is not hard to do.

Both cats slowed down as one would expect, but with their mature age came a new era in their lives. I loved them as much, if not more during their senior years. It may be because they become more demanding, more affectionate, more sociable and yes more needy.

Caring for senior cats is different to the care and attention they needed as kittens and adolescents, and understanding their needs and behavior changes is essential to give our mature friends the best possible old age care.

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The Best CBD Products For Pets – [Reviewed Here]

We love our pets and want to keep their health and well-being one hundred percent at all times. Sadly our pets do suffer from a number of illnesses, some out of our control. CBD products are increasingly growing in popularity as a holistic treatment for our pets for aliments such as stress, anxiety, nausea and cancer. I have searched for the best CBD products for pets, and have shared my review here.

If you want further information on CBD products, what they are, if they are safe for your pets, and if they are legal in your state please click on this link to read my article covering this and more.

I am only prepared to review CBD products that do not contain HTC, as stated in this blog, I do not believe HTC is healthy for our pets, this is just my opinion.

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CBD Oil For Pets – 101 Guide For Your Pet

CBD Oil for pets is being used to treat a number of aliments and is on the increase. CBD products for humans are taking the world by storm and as our pets have a number of ailments that are similar to us it was only natural that with time products suitable for them would be included in the range of CBD products on offer. Added to this is a shift towards holistic health for ourselves and our pets.

As with any new medicinal product, be it for use on ourselves or our pets, we need to be aware of what is on offer, and educate ourselves on the product. What are the pros, the cons, and what is all the hype about?

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Pet Crematorium Services – Questions To Ask

Our pets are precious members of our families, filling our lives with so much joy and love. Losing them is devastating, and dealing with the grief is a traumatic experience. When it comes time to deal with your pets body, knowing your options will help you cope with the decisions you need to make.

You will have to face the hard decision of whether to bury your pet or have your pet cremated. If you chose to go with cremation I would like to help you chose the right crematorium for you by explaining what you should be looking for from pet crematorium services.

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10 Dog Memorial Ideas – Honour Your Pet With A [Unique Memorial]

If you are reading this and have lost a loved pet, my heart goes out to you. Our pets are part of our world, and when they die our grief for them is no less than that for a human. While we can never replace our pets, having a lovely memorial gift to remember them by is one way to help heal and keep a part of them near you forever.

Below I have reviewed a number of unique and stylish dog memorial ideas to remember your dog with, or if, like me you have lost a cat, you can certainly use a number of these memorial keepsakes.

While a number of these memorials are aimed at keeping your loved one’s ashes in, if you chose to bury your pet, you have the option to wear a piece of jewelry as a lovely reminder, or to keep your pets collar, some fur if you have any, a favorite toy, or photo in the urn or keepsake instead of ashes.

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Grieving For A Pet – [A Personal Story], Dealing With The Emotions of Losing Your Pet Traumatically

This is a raw post from my heart. In the last 3 months I have lost both my 17 year old cats. Felix, we decided to have euthanized a few months ago due to his declining health. I am still trying to come to terms with this, when we were faced with the death of our precious Amber yesterday.


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Pet Memorial Jewelry – Turn Your Pets Fur, Ashes Or Feathers Into A [Sparkling Diamond]


Love to many people is their pet, whether they have four legs or two. Sadly the loss of a pet is devastating and leaves an emotional chasm that can feel impossible to cross. Our love for our pets is endless and knows no bounds, recovering and learning to move on after our pets have crossed over the rainbow bridge into the spirit world can be emotionally challenging.

Keeping Our Pets Close In Spirit

As humans, letting go, can be incredibly difficult, three months on from having my 17 year old cat euthanized I miss him more now than I did at first. While some people may decide to keep their pets cremains in an urn on the mantelpiece, this is not a suitable option for everyone, fortunately, there are other ways you can keep part of your pet near to you at all times.

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Tips For Keeping Your Cat Healthy – Cat Lovers Guide [17 Health Tips] You Must Know!

For most of my life I have had a cat or two own me. I love cats and they somehow seem to make their way into my life. Currently I only have my beautiful 17 year old Amber. I am very lucky that Amber is in good health, and people normally cannot believe how old she is.

Recently a friend saved a rescue kitten and she suddenly panicked when she realized she actually was not really sure on how to care for her new fur baby. She came to me for some advice, as she said she didn’t think luck had that much to do with it, she believed Amber was so healthy for her age as she has been well cared for.


When I had run through the list of basics on how to care for her new kitten, I realized that what was second nature to me, was a learning curve to her, as she had never owned a cat before.

This got me thinking on how to help people look after their cats, so I decided to write this blog on tips for keeping your cat healthy.

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Cheap Pet Urns – 10 Urns Under $50 That Are Exquisite

Our pets are such a big part of our families that when we have to say goodbye to them, they are truly missed. The void left in our lives after a pet has died can be immense and it is now understood that people mourn for their pets in a similar manner to mourning for a human. We no longer tolerate our pets bodies to be thrown out with the trash, and it is more accepted by society now to have your pet buried, or cremated.

One of the ways to help move on and start the healing process is to ensure that we can always have our pet near us. They may have left in body, but their spirit will always linger near.

If you have chosen to have your pets body cremated, the next choice facing you will be to make a decision on what to do with their ashes or cremains.

Sadly a number of people are left with a financial strain after losing a pet, as they may have had vet bills to pay, as well as the cost of the cremation. Fortunately you do have the option to keep your pets cremains in a safe place until you can decide on an urn to store them in.

There are so many urns to chose from, in a variety of styles, materials and prices that I thought I would dedicate this post to reviewing lovely but cheap pet urns.

So read on to find my pick of the best urns to keep your spirit friends ashes near to you without breaking the bank.  At the time of this review all the featured urns were under USD50.00, however, prices can and do change.

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Unique Pet Memorials – Immortalize Your Precious Pet In A Diamond That Will Last Forever

Diamonds are precious and so are our pets. Actually I have a confession, I would probably give away my Diamond ring if it meant I could save my pet. Fortunately this is not a choice I have had to make, however, the sad reality is that we normally outlive our pets. Whenever possible I have had my pets cremated, and their ashes scattered. Recently I lost my 17 year old cat, and though he is buried in our yard, I wanted to find a way to keep him close to my heart.

My Precious Felix

I went online to search for a truly precious memorial for him, one that would be as individual and unique as he was, and represent the love he gave unconditionally to our family.

After spending hours searching I was starting to feel disheartened as it would appear that finding a unique pet memorial is not as easy as I had initially thought. I was about to walk away disheartened when I came across Heart In Diamond, and was immediately intrigued, I realized I may have found what I was looking for.

So what was I actually looking at, and how can a Diamond be a unique memorial for my pet? More Importantly, if you have had to face the sad and heart wrenching loss of a pet, would a beautiful Diamond immortalizing your pet be the right choice for you?

Discovering Heart In Diamond

Heart in Diamond offers you an amazing opportunity to have your pets hair or ashes immortalized in a special Diamond, which can then be set into a jewelry setting of your choice.

Now I will admit I did not actually believe this was possible at first, however, curiosity got the better of me and I set out to find out all I could about Heart In Diamond.

How Are The Diamonds Made?

Heart In Diamond has been in the Diamond industry for over 10 years. The diamonds are created in their highly customized and sophisticated laboratories, using a patented method that will give you a totally unique and beautifully cultured Diamond. Compared to naturally mined diamonds, these diamonds are Eco friendly. bloodless and 30 – 35% less expensive.

What makes these diamonds so precious is that you are able to add your pets ashes or hair to the Diamond, and this is what shapes the finished Diamond and makes it absolutely unique to you. The Diamond is shaped to be linked to you by the process of using the carbon from the hair, or ashes (cremains), of your loved pet.

Laboratory created diamonds (also referred to as man made diamonds)
possess the identical chemical, optical, and physical properties of
Earth-mined diamonds. The ‘rough Diamond’ that is grown in the laboratory is polished and cut to the owners specifications. While they may have been grown in a lab, they are real, certified diamonds.


Eco Friendly and Socially Responsible Diamonds

Having traveled and lived in a number of countries where I have seen firsthand the negative effect the Diamond trade can have on the environment and even used to fund armed campaigns, using this system to grow my personal Diamond is the only option for me. These diamonds are free from environmental harm and unethical labor or trade practices, resulting in a Diamond that is as peaceful as the gems themselves.

Are All The Diamonds The Same?

Each Diamond is unique, you are able to choose the size, cut, colour Heart In Diamondand setting, leaving you with a Diamond that will always be special to you. As these diamonds contain carbon that is uniquely from your pet, they essentially contain the essence of life, and can not be duplicated.

Is There A Limit To Whose Carbon Can Be Used To Create The Diamond?

The process of creating a Heart In Diamonds, diamond allows you to add the hair from any your pets, or even from your family, while they are still alive, to create an incredibly unique and precious diamond that captures the spirit of your entire family.

As my beloved cat has been buried and I sadly do not have any of his fur available, having him immortalized in a Diamond is not an option for me. However, I do have a second cat that has been with us for 18 years, and I am now collecting her fur to keep safe for when I am ready to have my Diamond created. The exciting aspect for me is that I can include the hair from my husband, my son and myself to make this a wonderful family diamond that contains links to all my loved and precious ones.

Do I Have To Have My Diamond Set In A Piece Of Jewelry?

Heart In Diamond offers a number of different choices to suit you. They have over 500 different jewelry options you can choose from, including settings in both 14 karat and 18 karat white, yellow gold and platinum. They have a stunning choice of rings, pendants and earrings you can choose from.

Heart In Diamond Style Choices

If setting your Diamond into a piece jewelry is not for you, you can choose to have a loose cut Diamond.

How Do I Know My Diamond Is Unique And A Real Creation?

This, was, one of my first questions, and one that every customer should ask. On completion of your diamond you will be provided with a certificate of authenticity that guarantees that your diamond is physically, optically and chemically identical to a diamond taken from the Earth. A full diamond grading report is also included.

Heart In Diamond

Every Diamond  produced is issued has a certificate of authenticity that guarantees that your cremation diamond is physically, optically, and chemically identical to a diamond taken from the Earth. It also includes a full diamond grading report. Further, to this each diamond includes a unique ID which is laser inscribed into the diamond.

The diamonds do come with a lifetime guarantee, however, you must read the Heart In Diamond policy to see what it is not covered for, situations such as theft as an example.

I Love This But I Am Sure I Cannot Afford One

Heart In Diamonds cost 30 – 35% less than a real diamond, as they are grown in a controlled environment. There are a number of payment plans on offer and the cost of the Diamond varies depending on what you have requested. I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable these diamonds are. You will need to click this link and take a look at their website to decide on a price range suitable to you.

Dreaming Of My Diamonds

Having worked in the pet cremation industry for a number of years, I had never come across anything so heart-warming and special as a unique diamond, created for and by our loved ones. I am in love with the idea that I can immortalize my pet in such a personal manner.

Off on a side note, I have also discovered that I can have a Diamond created for me to celebrate my son, now while he is alive, and he will know I will always have him close to my heart. I did not create a piece of jewelry when he was born and now I am really pleased as I can use Heart In Diamond to shape an heirloom piece of jewelry that is one hundred percent unique to us.

I will leave you with this video from Heart In Diamond, I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Please contact me or leave a comment if you want any further information.


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

Pet Hugs





Dealing with the thought of having to have a pet euthanized can be devastating, here is blog I wrote to help you through this emotional time.