Low Cost Pet Cremation, Find Out What Your Options Are


Low Cost Pet Cremation

As pet lovers we all know that losing a pet can be an incredibly difficult and heartbreaking time.

Once our pet has moved on into the after life, the question remains on how to lovingly, as well as legally deal with their earthly remains.

Often the passing of a pet can cause a strain on finances, causing already grief stricken pet owners to face further unhappiness trying to decide how to deal with their pets body. Having come across this situation on many occasions during my time in the pet cremation industry, I felt that I would like to share some ideas on low cost pet cremation with you. .

My Pet Has Just Passed Away, What Do I Do Next?

Before we chat about more affordable pet cremation options, I just want to clarify some of the choices you have and decisions you will need to make once your pet has passed away.

The most common option is to bury your pet in your back yard. However, this is not a viable option for a lot of people for the following reasons:-

You do not have a backyard, or one available to use for your pets last resting place.

It is not always legal to bury a pet in your backyard, your council needs to be contacted to clarify this.

A large animal will need a deep hole, this is to avoid your pets body being dug up by other animals.

Some people such as elderly citizens, may not be able to physically deal with the process of a back yard burial.

Your current living arrangements may not be permanent, so if at a later stage you move, you are faced with leaving your pets body behind.

Will the Vet Dispose of My Pets Body?

Most vets will give you the option of leaving your pets earthly remains with them and they will dispose of your pet for you. However, this service is normally at an extra cost. I would also strongly advise to ask your vet what will happen to your pets body, in particular, how do they dispose of your animal?

A number of years ago when I was living in Australia, I asked one vet what happens to the pets bodies they are asked to dispose of? I was horrified to learn that they sent the pets to the city dump. For me this was not an option and never will be. I am not saying this is common practice, I am just saying it pays to be informed, especially while you still have the chance to change your mind on how to deal with your pets body if you want to.

Firstly A Small Introduction To Pet Crematoriums

The next option I would like to explore is the use of a pet crematorium. I have met a number of people who would love to have their pet cremated but had no idea what this involves. I will without a doubt cover Pet Crematoriums in future blogs, however, here I just wanted to give you a brief idea of what to expect.

Pet crematoriums are run along the same line as those for humans. They have to be licensed, and meet a number of health and safety standards. Your pet will be stored in a freezer until the service you require has been discussed and decided. Most pet crematoriums will offer a range of services including memorial services, paw prints, counseling and a range of options to return your pets ashes, or cremains, in. These different services range in prices, and this is where you have the ability to keep the cremation costs as low as possible.

Keeping the Cost Down

We would all love to give our pets a wonderful send off if we could. However, budget restrains may require you to look at a more affordable way to have your pet cremated.

Here is a list of options to consider that could reduce the cost of the cremation.

  1.  Are you able to deliver your pet personally to the crematorium?

Once your pet has passed on, if you want to have him or her cremated you have three options. Ask the crematorium to collect your pet for you, leave your pet at the vet to be picked up by the crematorium, or take your pet yourself to the crematorium. You will need to check with the crematorium if you are able to deliver your pet yourself. Keeping you pet in a bag in a freezer will also be necessary if you are not able to go immediately to the crematorium. This can be traumatic to do, and if you do not have a freezer you vet may be able to help you.

If you are able to take your pet personally to the crematorium this will avoid any fees that the crematorium may charge for collection.

2. Most crematoriums offer one of two options. Your pet can be cremated on its own, this way ensuring that it is 100% your pets ashes that are returned to you. Or, alternatively, a number of pets are cremated together, and though they do mark where your pet is in the furnace, you are not guaranteed that it is only your pets ashes that are being returned.

Group cremation is the more affordable option, and can reduce the cost of the cremation considerably. Finding out how the crematorium handles their group cremations could put your mind at ease enough to choose this option.

3. All crematoriums will offer an extensive range of urns, caskets and memorials. Discuss with the crematorium if they have an inexpensive box that your pets ashes can be returned in. You are then able to buy an urn if you are keeping your pets ashes, at a later stage, or even make your own. This is one the main ways you can save money if you are considering cremation. Remember you do not have to go with the boxes, urns or caskets in the higher end range. All crematoriums should offer a very basic inexpensive box in their collection.

4. Even though you have had your pet cremated, you may not want their ashes returned home. Find out if the crematorium you have chosen has a Memorial Garden where they will scatter the ashes for you. This cuts out the cost of an urn or box to return your pets ashes in.

Making Your Final Choice

In choosing what is the right option for you and your pet, cremation can be a healing and dignified way to farewell your beloved friend. I sincerely hope this information will help you realize that pet cremation does not have to be expensive, you do have choices. If you have found any value in this article, or would like to share your story with me, please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.

“No longer by my side but forever in my heart”. – Author Unknown









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2 Replies to “Low Cost Pet Cremation, Find Out What Your Options Are”

  1. Thank you. This is very informative. We recently had to make this decision. I have two small kids and I felt that her collar, footprint, and photo we enough to keep so we sent her to the group cremation and did not have the ashes returned. It was the right choice for us. Also, we had her put down here at home with a vet who specializes with that circumstance. It was as beautiful as it could be and the vet took her body for us along with her extra food to be donated! My condolences to anyone reading this and dealing with pet loss. I have a post on my site about dealing with pet loss with young children.

    1. Hi Ashton, thank you for your lovely comment. I am so sorry that you recently had to say goodbye to your pet. I know it can be really hard on children. My 6 year old was devastated when we recently said goodbye to our cat. I will certainly look at your article. I love the ideas of the vet coming to your home, and donating her extra food. I am pleased to hear group cremation was the right choice for you. Sending you pet hugs.

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