Pet Insurance For Older Dogs

Pet Insurance for Older Dogs
When you become the lucky owner of a new puppy you cannot imagine this lively ball of fur aging and needing pet insurance for older dogs due to age related illnesses. Sadly people often take out pet insurance when their pets are young, only to cancel it as they feel they are not making use of the cover. Unfortunately, as our pets age, this is when the insurance policy is needed and kicks in. Our pets are as susceptible to old age type illnesses as we are.

According to the American Pets Products Association, Americans spent $18.11 billion on vet care in 2018, and this is estimated to increase to $18.11 in 2019.

As our pets become such a huge part of our families, pet owners want quality care and are prepared to pay for it. More people are starting to consider pet insurance for older dogs, however, this may not be that easy to do, read on to find out how you can cover your dog in its senior years.

Our Dogs Are Living Longer

Our animals are fortunately living healthier and longer lives due to vets and more awareness with regard to their health. However, this means, they are now facing old age type illnesses such as arthritis, cancer, and liver failure. These illnesses are becoming more common in older dogs.

Taking an old dog to the vet for treatment for illnesses such as cancer or liver failure, can leave you with excessively high vet bills. I, and I am sure no-one, would like to be faced with the horrible situation of not being able to save a loved pet due to the inability to pay the bills needed to potentially save its life, sadly though, this is often a reality.

One option available is to look at taking out pet insurance.

Pet Insurance

Most insurance policies will not cover mature or aged pets. However a number of them do offer lifetime insurance.

Generally insurance companies, such as Embrace, will allow you to take out a new cover for your dog up to the age of 14. After this they are considered mature and it becomes extremely difficult to cover a mature dog for illness.

Pet Insurace for Older Dogs

Lifetime Insurance

If you are looking for an insurance policy to cover your dog for maturity, when they are normally more likely to be affected by illness, you need to take out a policy that gives your dog lifetime coverage, this way your pet will not be dropped from insurance coverage once they mature.

Embrace Pet Insurance provides lifelong coverage for broken bones, allergies, genetic conditions, cancer and so much more.

It is important to understand that coverage for senior dogs is based on your pet being insured before their 14th year, you keep your payments up to date, and making sure you discuss with the insurance consultant the details of the plan you require and the importance of having your dog covered in its senior years.

Accident Only Insurance

If you have not been able to insure your dog before its 14th year, you can still consider an Accident Only Pet Plan.

There are a number of things that can be insured under accident only cover, and some of these are:-

Foreign body ingestion, bloat, hit by a car, torn cruciate ligament, cuts and lacerations, poisoning, and prescription drugs for covered conditions.

Wellness Rewards

As your pet does deserve complete support, you may want to consider coverage for routine care to keep your pet healthy and happy.

To find our exactly how the Wellness Rewards program works, you should contact Embrace Insurance to discuss this with them.

The Wellness Rewards is a flexible, preventative care plan, which reimburses for everyday veterinary training and grooming costs. It is not an insurance policy, but works as a budgeting tool and rewards you for being proactive with your pet’s care.

To Sum Up

Looking after our loved pets in their senior years can be costly, and heartbreaking if we do not have the money to pay necessary vet bills. Having the foresight to insure your pet while they are young enough with a pet insurance company that offers lifetime policies is well worth considering.

Find Out More

My blog, What is Pet Insurance, A General Guide to Insuring Your Dogs and Cats, may be of interest to you.

Click on the Embrace link above or on the banner to find out how to let them pay your pet vet bills in the future.

Leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

Please note that I am not medically qualified and if you do take out a policy with Embrace, I may qualify for a small affiliate payment, this helps to keep this site running.

I am not medically qualified, and all details are based on my opinion and research. Further legal information can be found under my Legal Page.

I will end with this quote by Roger A Caras:-

“If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.”




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10 Replies to “Pet Insurance For Older Dogs”

  1. Hi Denise!

    This is such a beautiful post, pets are very dear to my heart.

    I completely agree that insurance for pets is worth it, especially as they get older. They are just as susceptible to chronic diseases in their old age as humans.

    I recently got a new puppy, and I am so happy! I would love to hear your thoughts, do you think I should get her a lifetime pet insurance now, or an accident plan later in her life?

    Thanks for the great post.


    1. Hi Lize, thank you for leaving a comment.  A new puppy, that is so exciting.  I would consider insuring her before her 14th year, this way, if the company offer lifetime coverage, she will be covered.  Unfortunately this is when they need the cover.  Hope this helps you to make a decision, pet hugs Denise.  

  2. After the demise of my dog a year ago, I have just adopted another dog and she’s very cute. I would like to have an insurance policy for my dog before she gets old. I will check out embrace and see if their insurance policy is cool with me. However, I would also like to suggest this post to a neighbor of mine who wants to have a life insurance for his older dog too. I think he’s more than 14years already, so I will advise him to go for the accident insurance. Thanks for this enlightening post

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment, so good of you to adopt a dog, I am sure she is very cute, what have you named her?  I think Embrace has great options and pricing plan, they are worth checking out. 

      Your neighbor would probably benefit from chatting to one of the friendly service staff at Embrace, to find out if the accident coverage is suitable.  Here is the link to Embrace for him.  Sending you paw hugs, Denise.

  3. This post looks like it was made for me, I canceled my pet insurance few months ago since I’m not making use of it. One needs to prepare for their pets as much as possible as we want them to always stay healthy. Thanks for this insightful post. I need to take action asap.


    1. Hi Jordan, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.  Insurance is always one of those hard choices to make, as we tend to feel like they are not necessary until we actually need them.  The main factor to consider is the age of your pet, and to remember it is normally better to apply for insurance while your pet is healthy.  I hope this article was of benefit to you, and I have left you a link to Embrace to visit is you choose to.  I would love to hear from you if you do take out cover. 

      Sending you paw hugs, Denise.

  4. Pet insurance is a good investment for most owners if they can afford it. Just as with humans, things happen to our pets from time to time, whether it is getting sick or having some sort of accident where they will require some medical attention. That can be quite expensive (I know from experience).

    Depending on where you are located, such insurance as the Embrace Pet Insurance can help cover these expenses when they come up, and I have friends that speak highly of that company and the plans that they offer. I am located in Dubai, and here there are also options available from the local clinics…

    No matter where you secure some, it is a good idea to have something if at all possible. Once I had a serious bill that cost me a lot of money, I closed on a local policy that I have since used a few times, saving me a lot of money overall. Most definitely getting a policy when the dog is young will save you some money too. Good article on an important topic.

    1. Hi Dave thank you for your comment, you make some valid points.  The fact of insuring your pet when they are young and healthy is important, but sadly we tend to overlook insurance until we need it.  Do you have a pet in Dubai with you?  I am pleased you have had positive experience using pet insurance, as it is important.  Our pets are so important to us and people forget that vets are in the profit making industry and this can result in high cost treatments.  Sending you paw hugs, Denise.

  5. Our Sammy is 5 years old now, we don’t have an insurance to be honest. We should consider it, since in a couple of years probably he will start to have problems, and to avoid financial problems, we should take one. I will show this post to my wife, no idea how she will react. But thanks for sharing it. 

    1. Thank  you for you comment.  What type of dog is Sammy?  Insurance is one of those hard calls to make, we don’t think we need it, until something goes wrong.  I hope your wife finds the article interesting, and I hope Sammy has a long healthy life. Embrace do offer no obligation free quotes, so may be worth a visit.  Sending you paw hugs, Denise.

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