Pet Memorial Gifts – Unique Gifts to Show You Care

Pet Memorial Gifts
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Are you a pet lover? Have you ever lost a pet that is so special your heart breaks?

If you are a pet lover, you will understand that society is now starting to recognize and understand that our pets are part of our family. In fact, during my years in the pet cremation service, I had an incredibly large number of grieving pet owners tell me loosing their pet was as bad as losing a member of their family.

If someone special in your life looses a very treasured pet you may want to consider giving them a unique and special pet memorial gift, or if you have lost your pet you may want to purchase a memorial gift for yourself.

The Process of Grieving

As mentioned previously we are starting to understand that the loss of a pet is very similar, if not as traumatic, as loosing a family member or friend. When a human leaves this world, we all rally around, give emotional support, have a funeral, attend the wake and then understand that the person is going through a period of grieving. A large number of people actually need this level of emotional support when they loose a pet.

Pet Memorial Gifts


Though most people love their pets dearly, the process to say goodbye can vary considerably from person to person. I have had grieving families ask me to simply get their pet cremated and have the ashes scattered as they are too heartbroken to deal with any other options. On the opposite end of the spectrum I have been asked to attend funerals, wakes and memorials for a number of the pets I have taken care of. In any of these circumstances is it appropriate to give a memorial gift?

Why A Gift To Remember A Pet?

Thinking back over the years about family and friends who have lost their pets, I wish I had given them a gift, to show that I understood what they were going through. I can truly say that this was never really an option, but, thankfully, times have changed.

Many years back, my first cat, China, was at home with my parents, as I had left to find my own feet as you do, and was not able at that stage to take him with me. Sadly he died while I was away, and I have always felt some guilt that I was not by his side. I would have loved to have bought myself a gift to remember him by. Back to the present, and having recently lost another cat, I am considering buying myself a charm bracelet that I can add a charm to for each of my spirit pets. I know some people may feel that this will cause sadness when I look at it, but I believe the charms I will add for each pet will spark happy memories and bring me comfort.

To be able to give someone who has lost their pet a gift from your heart to theirs, is I believe, an incredibly powerful way to show you understand what they are going through and to show your love and support.

How to Choose The Right Remembrance Gift

If you have decided to give a pet memorial gift, or even buy one for yourself, the ideas to choose from can be overwhelming. The next big question is how do I go about doing this?

Pet Memorial Gifts


Most of us will, as you are probably doing right now, jump onto the internet to do a search. You may just be surprised to see what a huge range of pet remembrance gifts are on offer. Probably the first thing to consider is how much you are able to spend, and if the gift needs to be posted, this will only add to the cost, Depending on where you live the postage may be free or not too expensive. There are, of course, free options, you could consider making or putting together yourself. This could include a photo, bunch of flowers from your garden, or a poem or even handmade jewelry or a candle. You only limited by your imagination, ability and time. If the free option is not for you there are fortunately so many gifts in all price ranges to choose from.

You will also need to take into account the person you are buying the gift for. Do they wear jewelry, if not a chain with a small memorial urn, will not be suitable. What is their decorating style, is it ornate, simple, modern or country. These are a few options and you will probably be able to find a gift that fits into a number of different styles.

Taking into consideration the pet that has moved onto the spirit world will also help you buy a gift. If the pet was a large, boisterous dog, a solid looking photo frame with a picture of the dog would work well. However, if the pet was a small, quiet soul, then maybe a remembrance candle, with a lovely poem would be a better option.

Another factor to consider is if you want the gift to last a lifetime, or if it is something, like a candle, that can be used, and will help with the grieving but is hard to keep forever.

Pet Remembrance Gift Ideas

There are so many to choose from that I would never be able to do them justice in the blog. I have however, started, a product review page, and you may want to head over and have a look at it. This is an organic page so it will continue to be updated and added to.

On the smaller and less expensive end of the range of pet gifts, you have options such a jewelry, candles, wind chimes or a hand painted angel. Key chains, Over the Rainbow Bridge bracelets, picture frames in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Garden stepping stones is a lovely gift if your friend or family has a garden, and especially if their pet loved being outdoors.

To help a child who is grieving, a book with a story about loosing a pet, or a book that they can keep treasures in, such as photos is a lovely gift.

Pet Memorial Gift Journal

Another great option as a gift is a book on dealing with grievance, such as “Losing My Best Friend”, by Jeannie Wycherley. Men especially might find it hard to let their emotions out, so a book could be a great remembrance present. You could personalize it by adding a photo, or writing in a memory of the pet.

If your friend or family are having their pet cremated, there is an incredibly large range of urns available, and they may love having an urn given to them as a gift. I, would, however, try to find out what they were intending to do with their pets ashes, and if an urn is something they would like, before buying one. Pet urns come in a range of sizes, colours, materials and designs.

Another very touching and living style tribute is to have a video made for the grieving family. This is easily done on the internet, however, you will need to provide information and photos of the pet, and maybe of the family, depending on how you want the video to look. I will be adding a pet memorial video link and review to my site in the near future. However, if you would like more information on this before I have had a chance to upload this information, leave me a message and I will do everything I can to help you.

I Hope This Has Helped You To Make A Wonderful Choice

I could write another 20 pages or so covering the large range of pet remembrance gift ideas. If you are looking for a gift idea, I hope this blog has helped to spark your imagination and to make the choice easier.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you do end up buying or even making a present for a friend or family.

As always thank you for reading my blog, and I will end with this lovely quote by Linda Blair:-

“It is difficult to understand why people don’t realize that pets are gifts to mankind.”

Pet Hugs



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10 Replies to “Pet Memorial Gifts – Unique Gifts to Show You Care”

  1. Thanks for your post Denise – it’s really important for people to understand that the grief that comes from losing a pet is as genuine as any other. Sometimes I feel that people who haven’t had pets really think you should just get over it but I for one DO understand, having had both dogs and cats my whole life. One of the saddest things is having to make the decision to euthanase your pet if they are terminally ill or injured in such a way that they can’t recover. Reading your post, it came into my mind that a very simple gift could just be a beautiful photo frame. You could ask the grieving owner if they had a special photo of their pet and arrange for it to be sized for the frame. The grief does become less over time and I find now when I look at photos of my pets that have died, I feel happiness for the great time we had! Thanks again for your post, Lindsay

    1. Hi Lindsay, thank your for your insights, I believe people used to underestimate how tragic it is to lose a pet, but fortunately attitudes are changing. I enjoy your idea about a simple photo frame to place a special picture in. Time does heal but our spirit pets will always hold a place in our hearts. Sending pet hugs your way, Denise.

  2. This is a real nice post, a remembrance gift suits the loss of a pet greatly. My girlfriend lost her dog last year, an idea such as this would’ve been a nice gesture to show I understand. Good job!

    1. Hi Scott, yes it would have been nice, but you could still consider giving her a small gift on the anniversary of her dog. Thank you for visiting my site and leaving a comment.

  3. Hi Denise, Such a thoughtful idea. I know when my little dachshund died a friend gave me a lovely little glass dachshund which I treasure and it does give me pleasure looking at it. I will never forget my little Milo but feel so blessed to have my friend care enough to understand my loss.

    1. Hi Jill, I am sorry to hear about your dachshund, and am pleased for you that you had such caring support. Thank you for visiting my page. Pet hugs Denise

  4. Denise your website is absolutely fabulous and was so comforting to read and follow your emotional journey. Your site brings so much peace and comfort to other pet owners going through the same emotional trama of losing a pet. We have had pets in our home all our lives and it never becomes easier to lose one of them. They will always hold a special place in our hearts. I do hope other readers will gain as much comfort from reading your posts as we did. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thank you Barbara for your kind words. I am sorry to hear you have lost pets, but they are so worth the love they give us when they are part of our family. My site is still fairly new so keep checking for added content, pet hugs to you and your family. Denise.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. It was much needed. It reminded me of one of my childhood pets, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier named Rourke. He was such a great dog and could have lived many years had he not developed Lung Cancer. It is so hard when you lose your best friend. I know at some point I am going to get a gift in remembrance of him, so this was kind of perfect.

    Thank you for the article and the memories that came along with it!

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you Colleen, and I am pleased this post was of help to you. Rourke sounds like a lovely dog, but cancer does not play fair in either humans or our pets. I hope that whatever gift you choose for yourself it will bring you happy memories of him. Sending you pet hugs, Denise.

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