Pet Memorial Jewelry – Turn Your Pets Fur, Ashes Or Feathers Into A [Sparkling Diamond]


Love to many people is their pet, whether they have four legs or two. Sadly the loss of a pet is devastating and leaves an emotional chasm that can feel impossible to cross. Our love for our pets is endless and knows no bounds, recovering and learning to move on after our pets have crossed over the rainbow bridge into the spirit world can be emotionally challenging.

Keeping Our Pets Close In Spirit

As humans, letting go, can be incredibly difficult, three months on from having my 17 year old cat euthanized I miss him more now than I did at first. While some people may decide to keep their pets cremains in an urn on the mantelpiece, this is not a suitable option for everyone, fortunately, there are other ways you can keep part of your pet near to you at all times.

Cremation jewelry has been in existence for thousands of years. Historically memorial jewelry would contain items such as nails, hair, ashes or even blood. This would be enclosed inside a piece of jewelry. Often a number of pieces would be made and handed out to the entire family. Moving on in time lockets containing a strand of hair became more popular.

Jump forward to the present day, and pet memorial jewelry is becoming increasingly popular, as we accept that our pets are a valued part of our lives and families. Cremation jewelry now comes in a large range of designs and elements, including gold, silver, gemstones and diamonds.

Having a diamond created from the carbon of your pet and set into a piece of jewelry is an incredibly personal and unique way to keep them close for a lifetime.

About Heart In Diamond

Heart In Diamond have been in the diamond industry for over 10 years. They have developed a unique process to turn the carbon from your pets, taken from fur, ash or feathers into unique diamonds. These diamonds can then be kept loose or set into a range of beautiful memorial jewelry settings. They have created over 1000 individual diamonds, each with a unique identification and lifetime guarantee.

This blog is focused on the beautiful jewelry you can have created at Heart In Diamond, however, to find out more about Heart In Diamond, here is the link to another blog I wrote about how they create a diamond, the process and some frequently asked questions.

Heart In Diamond offer the unique opportunity to have a pet or a member of your families carbon turned into a diamond. This can be done both while the person or pet is alive and after your pet has died, providing you have some of their hair, fur, ashes or feathers to use. While I love the concept of crating a diamond that incorporates a part of myself, and my family, today’s blog is featured on creating a unique piece of memorial jewelry to keep your spirit pet always near.

Heart In Diamond Style Choices

The First Step To Creating Your Bespoke Memorial Jewelry

Your diamond will be grown in the Heart In Diamond specialized laboratory. You will need to provide them with about a half a cup of your pets ashes, fur or feathers. You are able to add in some of your own hair, or that of your family to create a diamond that entwines the whole essence of your family.

If you are aware that your pet may be reaching the final stages of its life, and you are not going to have your pet cremated, you do have the option to collect some fur to create your own diamond.

Choosing The Color Of You Diamond

Color can play a vital role in helping you to heal and bring the energy to your diamond that represents you, your pet and the love you shared. At Heart In Diamonds you get to choose the color of your diamond. To help you choose I thought I would share with you the following break down of the different color meanings, bearing in mind that people from different cultures may view some colors differently.

Blue Gem Stone Properties

Blue falls into the cool color range and is used to represent spirituality, inspiration and sincerity. Blue is great to promote a feeling of calm and relaxation, and this will promote feelings of peace and communication. Nature is full of blue, from the sky to the oceans. Use blue to help calm your emotions, and bring relief if you are struggling to sleep. Blue is also the color of communication.

White Gem Stone Properties

White is the purest colors, and is not actually a color but contains an equal balance of all the colors of the spectrum. It represents innocence, purity, wholeness and completion. White is considered to have an energy that is used to clear barriers and is a good choice for new beginnings. It is thought that white gemstones are ruled by the moon and are often used for good fortune and for protection after dark. White contains equal light and dark energy. White can offer you a refreshing of your spirit, strengthening and refreshing your entire energy system.

Green Gem Stone Properties

Green represents nature, green grass, leaves and plants. It is a very restful color and represents, renewal, nature, harmony, fertility, growth, freshness, safety and prosperity. Use green to give you the freedom to pursue new ideas and embrace change or growth. Green gemstones represent healthy relationships, balance, harmony and wealth.

Red Gem Stone Properties

Red is a strong color and is viewed differently according to different cultures. In China red is the color of prosperity and joy. Red is the warmest of all the colors and is the color of blood, symbolizing a strong emphasis on life, living and passion. Red is the color of confidence, heat, desire, joy, courage, aggression, hope, willpower, vibrancy, radiance, sensitivity, romance and determination.

Orange Gem Stone Properties

Orange is in the warm spectrum as it is a blend of red and yellow. It is representative of joy, warmth, sunshine, happiness, encouragement, fun, passion and health. It is less aggressive than red and is believed to help heal a wounded heart. Orange is also believed to enhance creativity and to bring relief when things become too serious. During times of stress or shock orange can help to balance your emotions.

Choosing Your Setting

Once you have chosen your diamond, the size, shape and colour, your next choice will be to either leave it loose or have it set in a beautiful piece of jewelry. Heart In Diamonds offers you an incredible choice of jewelry settings to choose from.

Cremation Ring – You can choose from a wide variety of settings, from plain to highly ornate, to place your unique diamond in, and the end result will be a fitting tribute to your loved pet.  Men’s cremation rings are available.

Cremation Earrings – Unlike cremation rings, memorial earings are a new addition to cremation jewelry. At Heart In Diamond you can have your custom diamond placed into a wide variety of designs. You have a choice form simple hoop mounts, flower clusters, snowflake shapes and many others.

Cremation Jewelry Pendants – Pendants have been used for many centuries to keep the remains of our loved ones near to our hearts. There is a large choice of pendants to have your diamond set in, such as the elegant half moon pendant.

Jewelry Settings

While you do have the choice to not to have your diamond set in a piece of jewelry, placing your diamond in a beautiful jewelry setting, helps it to come to life, it could end up looking more defined or sparkling, depending on what jewelry setting your choose.

Heart In Diamond jewelry is available in the following metal types: Platinum, 18kt White or Yellow gold, 14kt White or Yellow gold.

Price Range

As manufactured diamonds are less expensive than mined diamonds, the price is far less. The cost of your amazing pet memorial jewelry will depend on a number of factors, including the diamond you have chosen and the type of setting you would like it to be placed in.

A payment plan is available, and I would recommend discussing your needs with a Heart In Diamond representative, they are caring and exceptionally helpful.

Honoring Your Pet

Whichever piece of jewelry you choose to have your bespoke diamond set in, the key is to choose a piece that you will love for a long time. Your pet may have moved on to the spirit world but their essence will live on in a piece of jewelry that you can wear and love.

Leave me a comment, and let me know if you would like any further information, or if you order a Heart In Diamond, diamond, I would love to hear your story.

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4 Replies to “Pet Memorial Jewelry – Turn Your Pets Fur, Ashes Or Feathers Into A [Sparkling Diamond]”

  1. I have never heard of this concept of honoring someone you love or have lost, but it is a great idea if you are a sentimental person and need something of your loved one or pet to hold onto. The process seems easy enough, and you don’t even need to use ashes.

    I think I would prefer to take something while the animal is still alive than when dead so you can look at the diamond and remember the life and not the death.

    1. Hi Michel, thank you for this comment.  I agree with you, and I am looking at doing a diamond for myself, my husband and my son.  I loved this whole concept when I saw it.  I wish I had known about this service for some of the families I had looked after when I was in the pet cremation business. 
      Sending you pet hugs, Denise.

  2. The article regarding the heart in diamond is very informative. That’s quite interesting  how they turn the carbon of pets into a unique diamond. I also like the different color combination and the description of each color. Since this is manufactured diamond so the price would be less compared to a mined diamond. So this is another benefit. Thanks for sharing the article. 

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment,  Yes the diamond is manufactured so it is less expensive as you say, and it is environmentally friendly.  The color combinations are very interesting especially when you look at how color effects some people.  Sending you pet hugs, Denise.

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